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    Fresh Handmade Bath Bombs made with love from Vancouver

    Fresh Handmade Natural Bath Bombs for Dry Skin

    With the recent re-launch of our Bath bomb squares, I thought it would be the perfect time to share our beloved product! Amidst the growing trend of bath bombs in recent years with a variety of scents, colors, and shapes - it's so difficult to choose! However, with all the various concoctions on the market, we sometimes forget to look at the ingredients to see if they may harm your skin and health. Unfortunately, a lot of bath bombs on the market have added preservatives such as dyes and fragrances. That's why we created the alternative - simple and preservative-free bath bombs that gently nourishes dry skin. Our bath bombs are handmade in small batches so you can be sure each square is fresh. Our ingredients are minimal and we stick to our core beliefs in using simple, quality ingredients. Our bath bombs are made with only 4 ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Coconut Milk and phthalate-free fragrance. We recommend our bath bombs to be used within 2 months of purchase.

    5 Tips to Grow your Instagram Following


    Does it ever seem like no matter how hard you try to beat Instagram's algorithm, it never works? Its as if all those influencers are having an easier time than you. You begin to doubt your Instagram game and think why is this only happening to me?

    When you are just about to drown in despair from the lack of likes and follows - I’m here to say ignore the algorithm! Chances are we are never going to beat it because we are not robots and coders who safeguard Instagram's platform on the daily. As the value of Instagram grows (with no near end in sight) there is no better time than today to utilize its platform to the fullest potential. Below are 5 tips to drastically improve your Instagram game that you can adopt for the long run.

    1. Use a Grid Planner

    Instagram Curate Grid Theme













    I use a grid planner religiously to curate my feeds. The click and drag feature makes it so easy to build an aesthetically pleasing page. My personal favorite is UNUM because it is so straightforward and to the point. It's a basic grid planner and that’s all you need to start curating. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty and pre-plan posts/hashtags - I would recommend Planoly as a platform with more functionality. Sounds like a lot of work? Take your time and it will be well worth it because your feed is your first impression. Think of your grid like a job interview. At first glance, you want people to know you put the time and effort into your appearance. This translates into how people perceive your product/service you are selling. 

    2. R & R = Research + Reach out 

    I get it. Research takes up a lot of time and effort but trust me this is so necessary to grow your Instagram! The reason why you want to do research is to find your niche/market and target accordingly to your audience. When reaching out for collaborations, you always want to be asking but why? Why them? Your audience is the people your going to know right off the bat what makes them unique and ultimately finding the right people to work with you that fit your band.

    3. Join Invitation only/Exclusive Engagement groups/pods

    It’s a controversial topic because there are so many pods out there to join and some open up to the public. This is why it’s so important to join smaller more targeted demographic pods. For instance, if you're a mommy blogger - search for mommy engagement groups. If you follow the rules of the pods and engage in a meaningful way (leaving real response/comments rather than a bunch of smiley emojis) then you can boost your posts popularity and chances of appearing on the explore page. Just make sure to allocate enough time during the day to engage because it does require a lot of work liking and commenting on fellow pod members content.

    4. Maximize Hashtag Reach

    You want to have the full spectrum of outreach so find high - medium - low searched keywords so that your network of reach is maximized. For instance, if your promoting jewelry - tag the name of the exact item along with more general searches that have a higher search volume.

    5. Geotag Photos and Stories

    Just did a shoot at a cool location? Make sure to tag the location on your photo or stories for that extra reach. I noticed a lot of people do not utilize geotags and are missing out on that extra boost. In addition, people who are searching for specific locations you're tagged in potentially share common interests (like that thrift shop you recently collaborated with). 

    The bottom line is Instagram is like a cocktail party: you put your best face forward, socialize, and build meaningful relationships. Ultimately, it comes down to consistency and hard work. If your willing to put the time in to your account then in return you will get results back. It’s slow and steady progress but within a year if you follow these tips I can guarantee you will see growth. 

    About the author:

    Alice is the newest team member to Beth and Olivia taking on the role as Director of Marketing. She is a designer turned digital marketer with experience from small to large corporations. Whether it’s juggling friends, family, work or studies, she finds encouragement from her father when times are challenging - he inspires her to stay grounded and to never stop learning.

    Botanical Cards and Gift Tags

    Botanical Cards and Gift Tags

    We are excited to introduce our new line of cards and gift tags designed by Diane Hocking of Paper and Style Co. Diane creates beautiful drawings from nature and has whipped up 6 leaf drawings to reflect our simple, natural body care products and jewellery. 
    I came across Diane’s work through social media and immediately fell in love with her drawings. Her style fits perfectly with our branding. 
    Shown above are pictures of Diane’s art process. We have printed the artwork onto quality, heavy card stock and sealed them in our signature kraft packaging.
    Our exclusive cards are available in singles and sets of 6. Matching gift tags are available in sets of 12. 

    My 6 Must-Haves When Travelling

    My 6 Must-Haves When Travelling

    Summer is my favourite time of the year. Besides the beautiful weather we get to enjoy day after day, it is also the time to go on long vacations. I’m not much of a traveller, but seeing how much my husband and the girls look forward to it, I give in and share the excitement.
    With two daughters, packing a first aid kit is a must. Before I started making bath and body products, I would have up to 7 medical products in my kit. Now, I only bring three all natural ones to take care of our needs:
    Ginger and Frankincense Skin Butter-used as a rub for headaches, tummy cramps, indigestion and sore muscles. When any of us feel like a cold coming on, we just massage the butter onto our back, neck, and shoulders twice a day.
    Neem and Tree Skin Butter- used for skin irritations. This is mostly used by Beth for her skin when she hits the pool (chlorinated water) or when she stays out in the sun for too long. Scrapes and cuts do occur during outings and this butter comes in handy for those reasons. This is also a miracle worker for sunburn. It has replaced our aloe vera gel as it works twice as well.
    Pine and Eucalyptus Skin Butter- although it is summer, we still get allergies. To help with easier breathing, especially at bedtime, just rub a bit of the butter into the nostrils. All the essentials oils used in this butter are also helpful with insect bites. Applying it right on the bite can get rid of it almost instantly.
    Besides these three all-stars, I also bring lip butter, hand butter and our mini travel soaps for face and body.
    So I’m pretty much covered when it comes to packing body care products. I love that each product serves more than one purpose, which helps me travel even lighter. I hope you will also find these essentials just as helpful as I do.
    Have a great summer!

    Make It Show Vancouver

    Make It Show Vancouver

    What a great weekend we had at the Make It Show. For those who are not familiar with this event, it is a market that happens twice a year with close to 200 handmade artisans at the PNE Forum. There is such a vast variety of talented vendors that I always end up buying something at every show!
    It was great seeing fellow vendors from previous shows, as well as meeting new ones. But the highlight for me was when our regular Make It customers stopped by to say hi and even made time to chit chat.
    Handmade markets like Make It provide an intimate environment for vendors and customers to mingle and I find that there's never any pressure to buy. Which means you don't have to feel bad when you say "I'll look around some more" or "No thanks, I'll pass".
    A slight disappointment that happened during set up was our sign. The hook on the back had broken off and we ended up standing it on the floor. In replacement, we used our smaller sign which was tiny compared to the size of our booth!
    This was our third show at Make It and we are looking forward to our next one in December.