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    Welcome to Our Blog

    Welcome to Our Blog

    Thank you for visiting our blog page. This is my very first blog post ever! I’m not much of a writer, so please bear with me if you come across any typos, grammatical errors, anything that makes you think “I wonder how this woman got through all her English classes in school?”.

    This year marks the 10th year since I started making jewellery. Along the way, my bath and body products were made because of a need to help Beth’s eczema. And the paper packaging products were born from my own interest to create 2D designs. My goal was to combine everything into one lifestyle shop someday and looks like that goal is finally happening. Currently, the first two categories are on the site. Paper products will be next and I’m hoping to have everything finished by this summer.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any suggestions to improve my shop, feedback on my products, or just to drop a line to say “hi”. I would love to connect!